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Picture Organic Clothing

As surfers and skiers, we are always on the look out for the best gear. Wetsuits need to be warm, flexible, and durable. Outerwear for skiing needs to be waterproof, tough and comfortable. Style, fit and price tag are also important factors, but what about the impact on our planet?

The beauty of surfing and skiing, is the constant connection you have with nature. Whether you are gliding down a wave or floating over fresh powder, you are immersed in a natural phenomenon. The sad news however, is the natural world as we know it is changing rapidly. From pollution in our oceans to climate change affecting our snowfall, we are seeing these drastic changes first hand. Using paper straws and re-usable coffee cups is certainly a step in the right direction but it’s simply not enough.

Picture Organic Clothing - Base Surf Lodge

Well known ways to be more eco-friendly include taking less plane journeys, cutting down on single-use plastics and using renewable energy, but do we stop to think about what we wear. The impact of our clothes, wetsuits and technical gear on the planet is not often acknowledged. In fact, the majority of wetsuits are made from petrochemicals and most ski jackets are covered in PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals). These chemicals, which wash off into lakes and rivers, are found in 95% of Americans. These are just two examples of many unknown, brutal truths. Therefore if we truly want to help protect our planet, we need to consider an eco-alternative for our everyday attire.

Picture Organic Clothing are a French brand who make eco-friendly clothes for mountain and ocean lovers. Their slogan ‘Ride, Protect, Share’ says it all. As snowboarders, surfers and paragliders, the three Picture Organic Clothing founders have created a brand for people to enjoy the outdoors with minimal impact on our planet. They are whole heartedly focused on producing good quality, technical clothing and gear, which is as environmentally friendly as possible, but still affordable.

Since Picture was created, our desire was to offer eco-designed products, keeping up in prices with the competition who offer no eco-friendly option. – Picture Organic Clothing

Understandably they have encountered difficulties in being 100% perfect, like us all. However, in 10 years of being established they have done some amazing things. All of their technical products are minimum 50% recycled polyester or 95% organic GOTS certified cotton (remaining 5 % is recycled cotton). Any of their recycled polyester is essentially old plastic bottles (approx. 50 water bottles/men’s large ski jacket). For the majority of their wetsuit foam, they use old car tyres. They use 100% recycled polyester for the inside and outside lining. Plus they are using eco water-based glue. So, when wearing a Picture wetsuit you can rest assure that you are doing your bit to protect the oceans.

An organic farm produces 94% less carbon emissions than conventional. – Picture Organic Clothing

Being a relatively small business in the market has meant Picture can afford to take more risks. With this, they are extremely innovative and are always pushing the limits of what’s possible in the outdoor sports industry. Examples of their efforts include, making their whole range PFC Free, creating bio-sourced mid-layers which are completely biodegradable (see below), using scrap fabrics to minimise their waste, and many more.

Today, our goal is to be fully committed to being responsible with the whole cycle of our products: the design, raw materials, the making, the use, the 2nd life and end of life. – Picture Organic Clothing

As well as doing their bit for the planet, Picture Organic Clothing’s products are also amazing quality and look the part. Their wetsuits are extremely comfortable and flexible, especially compared to other environmentally friendly options on the market. Picture’s ski/snowboard gear is highly technical. They use eco-friendly waterproofing, recycled and even recyclable shells. Plus a clever I-Fit System in the pants to make them last longer. In all of their lines, they have a great range of designs, from the bright and colourful to the more simplistic. Plus they have an amazing range of everyday clothes and accessories. So, as well as helping protect our planet by choosing an eco-friendly brand like Picture Organic Clothing, we can also look and feel good doing the things we love.

Base Surf Lodge x Picture Organic Clothing

Here at Base Surf Lodge, we are extremely proud to have partnered up with Picture Organic Clothing and to be working as ambassadors with them. To be representing such an amazing brand with values which reflect our own, is an absolute pleasure. We will be hosting some of the Picture Family this year at Boardmasters. During which, you can test their wetsuits out for yourselves, just head to their stall on Fistral Beach.

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