Terms and Conditions

All guests of Base Surf Lodge have agreed to be bound by our accommodation terms and conditions, as laid out below, once having provided full payment or a deposit. This includes all parties who chose to stay at Base Surf Lodge, surf with Base Surf Lodge or hire equipment from Base Surf Lodge, no matter where the booking has come from (online, agents, phone, etc.).

All guests are responsible for providing correct email addresses in order to receive a booking confirmation containing a link to the terms & conditions. Surf school students are responsible for reading the terms and conditions when signing in for lessons. If guests provide incorrect contact details or choose not to read the terms and conditions, but have exchanged money for our services, the terms and conditions still apply.

Terms of Booking

Guests of Base Surf Lodge must not share their rooms with anyone who is not paying. Permission from the Base Surf Lodge Manager is required before inviting any non-guests into the property. No guests are allowed to use the garden after 9pm and the communal area/basement is locked up at 11pm. All noise is to be kept to a minimum after 11pm. Base Surf Lodge is strictly a non-smoking property (vapourisers included). Smoking is permitted in the back garden only, not outside the front of the house. No pets are allowed unless formally agreed with the owner. Managers have the right to terminate the booking of those who refuse to abide by these rules, with no refund given.

Age Restrictions

We only accept groups of minors age 16 and 17 with parental consent forms from each individual guest. We strictly do not allow underage drinking on site, under any circumstances. If minors are caught drinking or have possession of alcohol we have the right to search their rooms, confiscate any alcohol and terminate the booking immediately with no refund due. We do not accept minors under 16 years old unless accompanied by adults age 25+.

For all group and private surf lessons we accept all ages, however all under 16s have to be accompanied by an adult either in the water or close by on the beach. All children under the age of 6 have to be accompanied by an adult in the water with a ratio of 1-1 parent-child. This is at the discretion of the Base Surf Lodge Manager.

Group Bookings

For group bookings the individual who makes the booking accepts the terms and conditions on behalf of all party members and will be our sole point of contact for all correspondence.

Max group size bookings is for 4 guests. For groups larger than 4 please enquire through direct communication with Base Surf Lodge (over the phone or via email).


When booking directly with Base Surf Lodge, before any accommodation or surf lesson can be reserved the initial deposit of 50% must be paid. A contract will only exist once the required deposit has been received. This deposit is non-refundable, unless over 4 weeks prior notice is given directly to the Base Surf Lodge manager. If using agents like Booking.com, Hostel World, Expedia, etc. a deposit will be required. Please read their terms and conditions before booking as they are all different.


The outstanding payment can be made prior to your stay or upon your arrival via bank transfer/cash/card payment. The full balance must be paid to Base Surf Lodge before your departure.


For bookings made directly with Base Surf Lodge (via email, telephone, website) cancellations can be made up to 30 days before your arrival date with a full refund including the deposit. If cancellations are made within 30 days of your arrival date the payment and deposit are non-refundable. There is the option to reschedule your booking for another date if more than 2 weeks notice is given directly to the Base Surf Lodge manager. For bookings made via an agent please contact the agent directly for their cancellation policies and to check the terms of your booking. We recommend all guests take out travel insurance to cover any cancellations outside of the Base Surf Lodge cancellation window.

In the unlikely event that Base Surf Lodge has to cancel your accommodation booking due to a double booking through online agents, you will be given a full refund of the total payment including the deposit. If your surf lesson is cancelled due to bad conditions (red flagged beach, fog, now waves, etc.) we will offer you a voucher to reschedule for another time.

Damage and Damage Deposits

We do not tend to ask for a damage deposit in the hope all guests respect our home and business. In the event of any damage, the guests are responsible for covering all costs either in cash or bank transfer to Base Surf Lodge.

All damages should be reported to Base Surf Lodge as soon as possible, and especially before checkout. Guests who have caused damage to Base Surf Lodge have seven days after checkout to pay the full amount required. If not paid within the seven days, Base Surf Lodge may file a police report and take legal action.

Damages which are not reported, will be followed up with police/legal proceedings and the guests will be charged for all costs of the damage plus any additional costs that have been incurred by Base Surf Lodge during the proceedings (legal fees, admin costs, business loss compensation, etc.)

Damages may be defined as damages caused by inappropriate or antisocial behaviour. This includes damage to any property of Base Surf Lodge (furniture, fixtures, fittings, surfboards etc.), misuse of emergency equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers), stain damage in bedrooms from consuming food or beverages, too much noise and noise complaints from other guests or neighbours, smoking or residue from smoking inside the property (vaps included), vomiting and/or other gross bodily acts.


All guests must inform the Base Surf Lodge staff of their arrival time and any last minute changes. Guests may check in from 2pm on the arrival day. Late checkins after 9pm must be pre-arranged with the manager at Base Surf Lodge. The Management at Base Surf Lodge may request additional information (passport, driving licence etc.) for proof of ID.

All guests must have read and agreed to our Surfing Terms and Conditions

Check-out time is by 1pm after your morning surf lesson. All personal belongings left in the lodge are left at your own responsibility. Full payment must be made before departing and keys must all be left in the rooms.

Grievances and Complaints:

If you have any grievances or anything you wish to complain about, please report this immediately to the manager of Base Surf Lodge. It doesn’t matter where the booking has come from (online travel agent, etc.) the grievance or complaint must be made in person to the manager of Base Surf Lodge for it to be dealt with. Delayed complaints or grievances brought to light after checkout will not be taken into consideration.

Expected Behaviour & Prohibited Items

Base Surf Lodge is strictly a non-smoking premises (vaporisers included). Anyone caught smoking inside the lodge is subject to an immediate fine of £150 and termination of their stay with no refund. We do not allow any drugs or weapons at Base Surf Lodge. Management have the right to confiscate any drugs found on the premises, and we will notify the appropriate authorities in serious cases.

At Base Surf Lodge we do not tolerate any kind of inappropriate behaviour. Violence or any kind of threatening behaviour will be taken very seriously and the police will be called. This will also result in an immediate termination of your stay with no refund.

We recommend you get adequate travel insurance before your trip to cover you for any bodily harm, theft, loss or damage to any personal effects. Base Surf Lodge holds no responsibility for such incidents.


Any violation of the above Terms & Conditions may result in an immediate termination of your stay with no refund due. This is at the discretion of the Base Surf Lodge manager, who also has the right to refuse admission. It is the responsibility of each and every customer to fully brief themselves about these Terms & Conditions before booking.

By using our services you agree to be bound by our stated Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with all applicable laws, statues and regulations when using our site.

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