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Eco-Friendly… Because it Just Makes Sense

Here at Base Surf Lodge we are taking on the most important challenge of all. To become eco-friendly. We not only want to reduce our own footprint on this planet, but we also strive to be a positive influence to all our guests, family and friends alike. This is in hope that together we can turn our small changes into a huge positive outcome for our environment. Our aim over the course of the next few years is to look at all aspects of the business and our home life to see how we can start turning ideas into reality, for a greener future.

Green Energy

One of the major issues we face as a guest house is the amount of electricity we use. The lodge sleeps up to 24 guests per night, 26 with myself and Rob living upstairs. For one household that is a lot of phones which need charging, a lot of kettles boiling and a lot of lights being switched on. With energy efficient light bulbs, communal lights on a timer and a more efficient kettle we are reducing our electricity usage, but this is simply not enough. We have accepted that our energy bill will always be high but what we cannot accept is that our money goes to the big energy companies who completely push aside the importance of our planet. With this in mind our first thought for greener energy is to get solar panels for the lodge.

Solar Success

Living in Cornwall we are very lucky to be surrounded by countryside where positive changes can be seen daily. Solar panels on roofs, fields and fields of green energy solar farms and even our local pub is off-grid. For good reason, solar power is becoming increasingly popular. When building our DIY campervan we put a solar panel on the roof and it amazes us still that our phones get charged from the sun and that we can be self-sufficient in the middle of nowhere. With solar panels having been in the market for many years now, competition has made them better with more power and efficiency. Unfortunately, however, with the government cuts on green energy subsidies, the initial investment in solar power has increased. Therefore this is something we will need to save up for. In the meantime we are looking for an immediate positive change.

Lightbulb Moment

Through the powers of social media, we came across Bulb. A green energy company with our planet in mind. Bulb ensures 100% of the electricity they supply is renewably sourced and for every unit of electricity used, a unit is produced and put on the grid. This alone was enough to make us want to change to Bulb. Not only, though, do Bulb offer an immediate solution to our own green energy, they are also the cheapest energy providers for us and many other homes. They stand above other green energy suppliers as they invest in new technology to make cheaper green energy and then give the discounts to us, the public. This truly shows that they care about the environment as they want more and more people to be a part of the ‘renewable energy revolution’. And above all, they did all the hard work for us. We were signed up in 2 minutes online. They contacted our previous energy provider for us to cancel our policy and even paid our cancellation fee. It could not have been easier. To top it off, Bulb offer huge incentives to spread the word about their greener energy alternatives. You receive £50 off your bill for every person you recommend to use Bulb. Each person recommended also receives £50 off their first bill. This is obviously great for their business, to get as many people on board as possible, but more importantly it’s helping protect our planet.

Having changed to Bulb, we can rest assure that all lights left on, phones left on charge and kettles twice boiled are powered by renewable sources. We do know, however, that there is still loads we can be doing to reduce our carbon footprint. Our next big challenge is to tackle the amount of plastic ourselves and our guests waste weekly.

Want to go Green? To receive £50 off your first Bill with Bulb use this link: http://bulb.co.uk/refer/robert4313 


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