Flat Seas and High Water Policy

At Base Surf Lodge, we always aim to give our guests a fun, educational and safe surfing experience. To ensure each and every surf lesson meets these goals, we have to regularly assess whether or not the daily conditions are suitable to run the lessons. We work alongside the RNLI lifeguards to ensure safety is the number one priority for our guests, our staff and the general public. Base Surf Lodge have the right to cancel any lesson if the head coach deems the conditions not suitable.

Flat Seas 

If the surf conditions at Towan and Fistral Beaches are still safe but too flat to operate a surf lesson in accordance with the NOP lesson plan, Base Surf Lodge will adjust the lesson accordingly, at the discretion of the head coach. A Flat Water lesson will still include the learning of surf related skills such as a warm-up, paddle practice, land pop-up practice, surf movement training, surf and beach safety etc. If guests are not happy with the Flat Water lesson plan they have the right to reschedule the session for another time or different day. Only when a rescheduling is not feasible, will they be able to receive a refund of £30 cash per person for each lesson cancelled.

What is Flat Seas?

  • The waves are too small to propel a surfboard forward with sufficient power to surf.
  • The wave length is too short for someone to have time to get to their feet.
  • If the surfers’ size, weight and abilities are not suitable for the conditions (e.g. children can surf in much smaller waves than adults due to their weight).

High Water/Extreme Weather Conditions

If the head coach deems the surf or weather conditions at both Fistral and Towan Beaches to be too extreme to run the lesson, Base Surf Lodge have the right to cancel the lesson at any time. In such situation, the lesson will be rescheduled for another time or day. If a rescheduling is not feasible, guests will receive a £30 cash refund per person for each lesson cancelled.

Affecting Factors

  • If the lifeguards red flag the beach.
  • If there are high winds, which the head coach deems unsafe to run a lesson (dependent on the group dynamics as adults can withstand higher winds than children)
  • If the waves are so big that the rips/water moving is too powerful to run a safe lesson.
  • The experience of the clients (i.e. beginners or more advanced surfers?)
  • Poor visibility (thick sea mist).
  • Group Size/Ratio of Surfers to Coaches (smaller groups are easier to manage in extreme conditions)

Last Revision: 17/01/2022