Base Surf Lodge Newquay, eco-friendly living for a sustainable future

Our Plans To Be More Eco-Friendly

Why being Eco-Friendly is important to us.

At Base Surf Lodge we want to be more eco-friendly, quite simply because we love and care for our environment. As a couple we spend our lives outdoors surfing in the summers and skiing in the winters. Living by the sea and in the mountains means we are lucky to always be surrounded by nature and wildlife. The unspoilt, snow-covered landscapes and the feeling of wilderness in the mountains is what draws us back year after year. While spending the summer months surfing in the ocean gives us a real sense of freedom and a true passion we cannot imagine life without. Hence why our appreciation for the natural world grows each day.

As skiers and surfers we are always excited for perfect conditions, whether that means a bluebird powder day or perfect crystal clear waves. Sadly, what is becoming more and more of a reality is how environmental issues are impacting the world we live in. During the last few winters in the French Alps, we have had many days of rain in months you would always expect to be below freezing. Also you only have to watch David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II to know the world’s oceans are filling with plastic. More and more environmental issues are being brought to light with the help of social media and the news. However the most eye opening reality check is seeing it for yourselves. From the top of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall and all over the world, environmental issues are a growing problem and we want to start taking action to help.

Small things make a big difference.

Here at Base Surf Lodge we know that, at the moment, we’re far from perfect. This is why we are taking action. From now on we will always be looking for practical ways to reduce our carbon footprint and our plastic usage to be more eco-friendly.

The aim is to share with you, our successes and challenges in moving towards a more sustainable life. This is in hope that we can join together and fight for a ‘greener’, more sustainable future.

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Sustainable Living

Join the Fight for a Sustainable Future

Here at Base Surf Lodge we are taking action to be more eco-friendly. Our aim is to find practical, affordable and sustainable ways to reduce our carbon footprint in both the business and our personal lives. We will be sharing with you our successes and any challenges we face.

Earth-Conscious at a Low Cost

In the lodge, we already have a few things in place which are sustainable actions towards becoming eco-friendly. All of which are affordable and can easily be implemented in homes and businesses alike.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  

By simply reducing plastic usage, swapping disposable for reusable and recycling all that cannot be reused, together we can have a huge positive impact on our environment.


Turning old bunk bed slats into raised beds is just one example of how we try to repurpose things here at Base. By giving things a new purpose we reduce our costs and our waste.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 

We use Ecover who are a leading brand in eco-friendly, plant-based cleaning products. From their business model to the ingredients they use, Ecover are on a mission to save the planet, while giving us the chance to be truely CLEAN.

Hanging Out  

The many benefits of hang drying instead of tumble drying include longer lasting and fresher smelling clothes. But more importantly, saving pennies and the planet!

Energy Efficient Windows  

We have double glazed windows which are more energy-efficient due to their better insulation. This reduces our heating bill but more importantly our carbon emissions. A cheaper alternative is using insulated blinds, which also work well for temperature control.

Bamboo is Best  

We have swapped to bamboo toothbrushes, as an easy way to reduce our plastic waste. We have also got into wearing bamboo socks as they are incredibly soft, naturally anti-odour and eco-friendly. Our personal favourites are Sexy Socks as their designs are all so jazzy!

At Base Surf Lodge we strive for continuous improvement, therefore this is just the beginning!