You’ve never surfed before or maybe tried it just a few times and want a total recap. You’ve seen lots of surf schools at the beach but want to make sure you pick the right one. Well you’ve come to the right place. At Base Surf Lodge our main priority is quality, not quantity. As a small independent surf school, our group sizes are always small too. This allows our surf coaches to really focus on each individual in the group and give tailored feedback. From years of experience, our coaches are masters of being able to adapt their coaching techniques to give each of you your best chance of smooth progression.

We will supply you with the perfect beginner surf equipment to get you started. Once you’ve received your wetsuit and surfboard, the equipment is free to use throughout your stay. This gives you the opportunity to stay longer at the beach after your lessons, or head back down later in the day, if you just can’t get enough. After all, practice makes perfect!

**WARNING** Once you start surfing you may be hooked for life!

You’ve surfed a good few times before and have found a new love for the sport. You have pretty much mastered standing up in whitewater and riding to the shore. You’ve seen surfers out back riding along waves and are now super keen to be out there with them.

We know this is such an exciting stage of learning to surf and, as every surfer knows, the first green wave you ride along will be in your memory forever. This is also the most critical time in your surfing career to learn the correct fundamentals. With the right knowledge and skillset you will be able to progress your surfing safely, effectively and efficiently, without creating any pesky bad habits. 

This is where we come in. In our surf lessons you will learn proper technique for paddling out, positioning, wave reading, surfing etiquette and how to take off on unbroken waves. Get these right and your progress will fly through the roof. 

Surfing is no longer just an occasional hobby, it’s sneaking in to becoming part of your life. You’ve devoted all holidays to the ocean and can’t stop scrolling surf media. You are starting to catch green waves and ride along in one or maybe both directions already. You may even be able to link some turns but you are super keen to get better and fed up with typical surf lessons being all the same. We hear you! From years of experience working for many surf schools we know the deal. That’s why we have focussed our energy into creating the perfect intermediate lessons. We’ve taken inspiration from some of the best: Chris Mills aka Surf Strength Coach; the legend that is Taylor Knox and the surf guru Brad Gerlach (If you haven’t heard of them, look them up as they all have incredible home surf workout programmes which definitely compliment our coaching).

From constantly training and learning ourselves, we are able to adapt our coaching to suit every individual’s learning style and ability. In our lessons we incorporate a lot of land-based training and basic movement skills. This enables us to consistently practice our surfing without always having to wait for the perfect wave. With this land-based training we are able to work together and take a closer look at your technique then focus on specific areas of your surfing which need improving. Through taking a deeper look into your own ability, you will also gain valuable knowledge and a much better understanding of why things go well or not so well when in the water.

In each lesson, we use our time in the water to focus on fun practice. We aim to use what we’ve learnt on the beach and put it into practice without putting too much pressure on ourselves. The focus is more on combing our knowledge of safety, board control, wave reading and muscle memory from the beach to select good waves and have fun trying new things.

So whether you are wanting to improve your pop-up, generate speed along the wave, or perform a solid bottom turn to top turn, we will coach you to become a better surfer.