In-house surf hire on your doorstep!

Guests staying at the lodge have access to our wetsuit and surf hire. We have changing room facilities, an outdoor shower to rinse the sand off your toes and hanging rails to dry your kit, ready to go again. So just pop into the garden, get sized up and off you go!

 C-skins make all of our wetsuits and are world renowned for their quality, warmth and durability. We have winter suits, which are 5mm thick, so perfect for keeping you warm in the beautifully crisp Atlantic Ocean.

Our Vision surfboards are perfect for all ages and abilities to have fun riding waves with ease while being as safe as possible with their plastic fins and soft deck.

If you are new to surfing or have something specific you would like to work on, for instance your pop-up or cutbacks, why not join in one of our lessons to rapidly improve your surfing skills. Take a look…

Surf Lessons