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Picture Organic Clothing - Base Surf Lodge

Picture Organic Clothing

As surfers and skiers, we are always on the look ...
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Learn to Surf

Be A True Surfer From Day 1

Are you totally new to surfing? Have you surfed a ...
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Base Surf Lodge Newquay Girl Surfer

Holistic Surf Camps for Lifelong Progression

Here at Base, we focus on providing true quality instead ...
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Want Simpler, Cheaper and Greener Energy?

Eco-Friendly... Because it Just Makes Sense Here at Base Surf ...
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Eat Well Surf Well Healthy Living

Healthy Living For Surfers and All

Your Body is a Temple! Our body is what physically ...
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Vanlife Dream, Base Surf Lodge, Newquay heads to Scotland surfing

The DIY Vanlife Dream

Living in Cornwall, we are no strangers to a campervan ...
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Sustainable Living

Join the Fight for a Sustainable Future Here at Base ...
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Base Surf Lodge Newquay, eco-friendly living for a sustainable future

Our Plans To Be More Eco-Friendly

Why being Eco-Friendly is important to us. At Base Surf ...
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Learn How to Surf with Base Surf Lodge, Newquay

Boots Off This May Bank Holiday

Learn how to surf with... Quiet Beaches, Rolling Waves and ...
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