I can already surf green waves but keen to progress, is this camp for me?

The short answer: Yes absolutely!

At Base, we split the groups into different levels, often with our beginners in the whitewater and our intermediates outback. For the more advanced surfers, like yourself, we do a lot of land based training as well as in-water practice. We use our movement room to show you a range of drills you can practice for each individual manoeuvre you are wanting to work on. Whether you’re wanting to get smoother at the take-off, practice efficient speed generation, or develop good muscle memory for a cutback or top-turn, we have specific drills to help build your surfing skill level on land. This then significantly improves and speeds up your surfing progression in the waves.

We also use video coaching as a tool for you to watch your own surfing. We analyse the footage with you to see your progression and visualise how you can improve further.